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I enjoy reading well-written copy as much as the subject it conveys. In my spare time I enjoy going treasure hunting with my metal detector, searching along the beaches and waterfront here in Toronto, Canada. There is great joy and expectation with every beep and chirp from my metal detector, endless hope for that elusive but attainable treasure, coin or lost object of value. I do not write here anymore. My advice? Do not trust this site. They will cheat you. more...

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I've published 305 articles that have been viewed 3,340,579 times. I've received +1,765 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 1,643 questions and received +2,270 positive votes.
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Installing more memory in your laptop computer may seen a daunting task for the first-timer. In reality, this is a very easy task that follows some very regular and predictable steps. Here we shall install more DDR3 modules in a laptop computer. More RAM means that computer programs load faster, and eliminates/reduces the need for your computer to 'swap' program data in and out.
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Laptops & Ultraportables | +10 votes | 1 comments
The (HDD) Hard Disk Drive era draws to a close. Solid State Drives (SSDs) are faster, more reliable, use less energy and are far more dependable than their predecessor. With no moving parts, the SSD lasts longer and generates less heat. Shock and vibration resistant, again the SSD outperforms the HDD. And as with all computer products, the prices have come down dramatically.
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Computer Accessories & Peripherals | +2 votes | 0 comments
What are shingles? Shingles (herpes zoster) is an infectious virus caused by varicella-zoster, -the same virus that causes chicken pox. Usually forming a belt-like pattern along one side of the body, roughly shaped like a stripe or band. Having had chicken pox as a child, the herpes zoster goes dormant for years or even decades in the nerves and can later in life become active, causing that burning, stinging girdle or belt-like pattern I am experiencing. Well, -I have shingles!
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Skin Conditions | +6 votes | 0 comments
Why buy a seasonal Christmas/Holiday wreath when you can easily make and decorate your own? By pulling a few foxgrape vines out of trees and bushes you can create your own Holiday/Yule/Christmas wreath and decorate it yourself. Now is the time to source your materials and get started. This easy and fun craft can also be used to make wreaths to sell at trade shows or online through DIY/homemade shops like or eBay.
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +12 votes | 3 comments
Is it true that adding a few fluid ounces of pure acetone to 10 or 20 gallons of gasoline in your car increases fuel efficiency/MPG? Most mechanics and automotive experts will flatly tell you no, it does not. Yet there are many believers whom regularly add small amounts of pure acetone to their fuel tanks and report mileage increases of 20-30% or more. What is the truth about acetone and gasoline? How does acetone improve mileage? Are there any possible risks to adding even small amounts of acet...
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Gas & Mileage | +3 votes | 0 comments
What is quinoa? Quinoa is an amazing super-food whole grain that is available in your supermarket, but often overlooked in the rice aisle. This South American native grain is highly nutritious, contains all the essential amino acids required for health, -and are completely gluten free! Quinoa makes an excellent alternative to white rice and can be used in many dishes that feature rice or beans.
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Healthy Eating | +8 votes | 0 comments
What is Phishing? Phishing is when Con artists try to deceive unsuspecting people with unsolicited e-mail offers, seeking to redirect you with fraudulent warnings, trying to get you to open 'attachments' and thus, release a viral payload. Warnings to 're-verify' your account information or risk losing your account are a very common phishing tactic. Reputable companies would never send such an e-mail. Don't be tricked into handing-over your private and personal information with a phishing attack....
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Internet Security | +2 votes | 0 comments
DrHoNow is a company that provides home consumer aids for the relief of muscle pain and strains with a variety of Muscle Therapy Systems via several methods including battery powered, massage and pneumatic inflation. Back pain, neck & shoulder, ankles and feet, nerve pain and poor circulation are among the maladies their pain relief products. Other products that DrHoNow provide include products for weight loss, digestion and improved health through vitamins and mineral and supplements. Dr....
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in | +2 votes | 0 comments
Modern vehicles often have electrically-locking doors. As a convenience, this system is potentially not as safe as the old manual locking system. Electronically-locking and electric window features several years ago came under scrutiny as crooks have found a way to hijack your lock code and unlock your vehicle remotely. Sometimes, the old tried & true is better than modern improvements.
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Car Safety | +0 votes | 0 comments
Why wheat is bad for the diet. There are good carbs and there are bad carbs. Try a gluten free/gluten reduced diet. Wheat is a notable bad carb to include in your diet because of the gluten, which is considered to be worse than sugar for maintaining health and achieving weight-loss goals. This means that white breads, pasta, cookies, crackers and white potatoes are off the list of allowable foods. When you are trying to lose weight and help prevent diabetes, choose better carbs and avoid wheat a...
Published by thestickman 61 months ago in Weight Loss | +2 votes | 0 comments
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